What does it do?

baps1 offers a, hopefully, efficient and easy way to add certain data to your PS1 (prompt), regardless of which shell you use.

A friend of mine wanted a better way to get some functionality into his PS1 that he was using a PHP script for, I knew how to do that in C and thought it would be a fun project and good learning experience, so here we are.

It shows the following:

  • The PTY or TTY you are using.

  • How long ago the last call to baps1 was on that terminal, which should also indicate how long ago your PS1 was printed last.


It is written for and tested on Linux (specifically Archlinux) and it uses the GNU C library.


You can browse the git source, download a snapshot tar.gz or zip archive or clone the source using git:

git clone git://


For further instructions on how to use baps1, see the README in the source directory (or follow the link).


If you find any bugs, have suggestions or criticisms you can send them to "tom at ryuslash dot org".