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Introducing ox-coleslaw

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I have a big problem: I can't write a blog in anything other than Org mode. I have another problem: I haven't found a good way to write a blog only in Org mode. This always keeps me going back and forth between blogging systems. I've used tekuti, WordPress, and I've tried a few others. Currently I'm using Coleslaw. I haven't written anything lately though because it supports Markdown and HTML and I was getting antsy for some Org mode again. So I've been on the lookout for something new.

Well… I've had enough. I'm not going away this time. I'm going to fix my problems and commit to this system. I picked Coleslaw because it's written en Common Lisp and has some interesting features. I'm going to write an exporter for org to whatever Coleslaw needs!

I've known that it's pretty easy to write an exporter for Org mode for some time, but I've never actually tried to write one. I modified some bits and bobs on org-blog, but that didn't really work out. Today though, while reading an old(er) post on Endless Parentheses, I ran into ox-jekyll. Jekyll has a pretty similar page/post definition syntax to Coleslaw, so it seemed easy to read what they're doing and copy the relevant parts. It's a very small Emacs Lisp file, which made it very easy. So congrats to them and the people writing Org mode for making some very clear code.

So I wrote (or copied) ox-coleslaw based on ox-jekyll. It's slightly smaller than ox-jekyll because, frankly, it offers less. I just need a simple way to export a .org file to a .post file, nothing fancy.

To write posts I will use Org mode. Once ox-coleslaw is loaded I use the org export function to export it to an HTML file with the proper header. You can also do this non-interactively from, for example, a Makefile, but that is a story for another time.

This document is the first attempt at publishing a blog post using ox-coleslaw.

Short excursion

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I took a short excursion to the Ghost blogging platform, which I installed locally, just to try it out. I've been keeping up my posts there, though I did decrease the number. Posting every day is too much of a strain still, so I've decided to post once every two days, tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays. I've just copied the posts over from Ghost to here.

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A blogging challenge

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Lately I've been thinking that I should blog more. I've had a blog for as long as I can remember, I'm constantly trying out new platforms or new ways of blogging and I never really actually post anything. I sometimes get stuck in this spiral of meta-activity where, for example, I work hard on getting my blog ready or am figuring out how to best present some project I'm working on or its documentation, instead of actually blogging or working on/documenting that project. I get so bad that I occasionally even have projects around these meta-activities, like edocs.

Thankfully, after a while I recognize that I'm not actually really doing anything and basically just stalling, and I try to do something about it. So, I'm going to try to stop doing that and just write. Yesterday I wrote about HabitRPG and now I'm going to try to use that to encourage myself to write more blog posts. So far it's starting out well, two days and two posts.

So, please excuse my two posts of mostly filler content and I'll try to write something a little more interesting tomorrow.

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New tag pages

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I've changed my tekuti instance to have tag pages that look more like the index page. I did this so that I can use tag pages as news pages for my various projects. You may have a look at the dispass.el project site to see the new "Read News" link, which will take you to the dispass.el tag page.

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