Hi! I’m a software developer. I love Free Software and Open Source Software, and all of my projects are available for anyone to use. I also would love for anyone to contribute to any of them. I can’t promise your contribution will be merged, but I can promise it will be considered and greatly appreciated regardless.

Here is where I express my opinions, write about what I’ve learned, and about what I find interesting. I’m not writing this for you, I’m writing it for me. My goal is to write more often, but I don’t yet know with what frequency I’m going to be writing. Because this is where I express my opinions, I’m sure I’ll be wrong a lot, and change my mind a lot.

One of my main interests is Emacs. I have a whole category dedicated to it, specifically with its own feed you can subscribe to, in case that’s the only thing you’re interested in.

If you want to, you can also just go to my latest blog posts, or subscribe to the feed.