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Hosted by Jonathan Cutrell. 3 Episodes per week. I was drawn to this podcast because it was supposed to have short (10-15min) episodes. And it does for the most part. He also does a lot of very interesting interviews.

I like this podcast because it doesn't talk about code, it talks about how to be better in a more general way. It'll teach you new perspectives and techniques to work better with yourself and with others.

Dominik Zane, Founder of Around - Part One

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"The tools that we use can have profound effects on our lives" – Jonathan Cutrell

I know this from Emacs. Its malleability and the availability and freedom of its source code have allowed me to learn and do things that no other tool has. Every other tool I have frustrates me in that way. Although Guix is also going in that direction.

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Date: 2022-07-15 Fri 10:31

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